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  3. Menu Text:
  4. This is the text for the button in your websites navigation bar. If left blank, it will use the system default for the page, or the page title in the case of editable pages.
  5. Page Title:
  6. This is the title text used in window titlebar, the meta data, the breadcrumbs, and, for some themes, the page header above the page body.
  7. Include in Menu: 
  8. Meta Description:
  9. Meta Descriptions are inserted into the page header on the website when the page is displayed. The description should be a short summary that includes the key points of the page.
  10. Meta Keyword:
  11. Meta keywords are words and short phrases that are separated by commas describing the key points of the page body.These items control whether or not the page or link appears in the navigation menu, and whether or not the featured listing item displays on the page. Both of these items can be overridden by a template. (for example: some Templates can ignore this setting and never or always display a featured listing.)








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