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Managing your Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours can be created by clicking on the "Add New Virtual Tour" link in the Virtual Tour Widget from the Account Home area.  

Then, complete the "Add new tour" form by entering your Tours Title, selecting the Audio track, Theme, Transition animation and slide time. Preview links are available to the right of each option. Once your selections have been made, click the "Save New Tour and Begin Editing" button.

Here you can add listing details manually or use the Import Listing Data tool, by entering a valid MLS ID number in the space provided and clicking on "Insert Listng Data". This action will import the listing data.  Once complete, click the "Update Tour Information" button to save.

Transaction Manager Guide

To create a new transaction, select the "Add Transaction" link and enter they listings information used to identify the transaction, define it's location, shortsale or foreclosure status and gather the listings MLS ID and transaction notes. 

Upon saving this information, the transaction editing area is presented. 

Here you can add contacts to the transaction such as the "buyer", "seller", "title company" etc. Contacts can also be imported from your "Address Book" or added manually.
Images and documents related to the transaction can be added in the document section. 

Folders can be created to better organize these files.

A quick access menu at the top of the transaction provides access to transaction status controls.  The status options presented vary by the authorization level of the logged in User.  Brokers have access to all transaction status controls.  Managers and agents choices are limited.

Managing your Documents Guide 

Brokers or agents can easily upload and save their documents by accessing the Documents link in their Menu area.

Once in the Documents area, The broker or agent can upload a document by selecting the "Add Document" link,  then Select the documents access level via the access level drop down box, Set the Category via the Category drop down box, Enter the documents name and additional note summary, then selecting "Choose or Select file" along with selecting the file you wish to upload.

Blog Guide 

Real estate websites created with integrated IDX by BrokerIDX sites offer an integrated blog system. 

 The blog system allows you to post relevant content directly to your website in an easy and quick fashion. 

 The blogs appear on your website immediately when posted and are displayed using industry standard SEO practices.  

Blogs can contain images, links and can be styled to your liking.  

Automatically generated blog post categories are also offered, articles in these categories are written by BrokerIDX sites staff writers and are provided to various categories on a regular basis.

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