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Working with your Profile

Your Profile area contains your personal settings for your account. 

Here you can change your Username/Password, select your designations, edit your working address and contact information as well as upload your profile Photo.


Editing Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard gives you access to every feature of your Brokeridxsites account.

The Dashboard below features easy access widgets and is fully customizable. You can edit the order of the widgets by selecting the "Edit Dashboard" link here.

This allows you to Remove, Add and Re-order your dashboard widgets to your liking.

In the "Admin settings" area, select the number of items to be displayed from the Dashboard Widget Items drop down box.

When finished select "Save changes"

Changing your Admin Theme

If your looking to change the look and feel of your Administration area, you have some options available.

First, select "View Profile" from your Dashboard home.

Now Scroll down to your Admin settings area.

Here, the "Admin Theme" drop down box allows you to change between two themes:

Responsive and Modern

After making your selection, select "Save changes" here.


Broker One Testing