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Lead Capture & Registration 

Real estate websites created with integrated IDX by BrokerIDX sites offer email capture as well as user registration features.  

 The email capture system can be enabled on a results page or a detail page view and enables you to capture

a customers lead information, or directs them to register for an account on your domain.

Virtual Office Log In & Registration

Your virtual Office allows customers visiting your domain to register for an account.

These customers can also register in 1-Click via "log in with Facebook" feature.

Once registered, Customers can log in at anytime to save searched listings, create polls  and provide you a testimonial. 

Customer Testimonial

Registered Website Users have access to a testimonial submission form. 

Testimonials can be submitted in the form and are held for approval by the website owner.

Brokers & Agents can also send a Testimonial request to their registered customers by visiting their "Customers" area, selecting a customer and selecting the "Request" link.

Once approved testimonials can be displayed on your website

Customer Saved Searches

A registered website User can save their favorite listing search by accessing the "Saved Listing Search" form in their account area or by clicking a "Save Your Search" link after performming a listing search from the "Search Page" of the website.

 The website owner (broker/agent) can also create favorite listing searches for their registered website Users.

 The frequency of the emails sent to the customer is also Editable.

Poll System Guide 

Registered website Users are offered a Social Media Polling System.  This system allows your registered website User to create a poll from thier list of liked listings.  

The registered website User can then share this poll on their favorite Social Media platforms and collect the opinions of their friends via a star rating system. 
The website owner (agent or broker) can view the polls that have been created by the registered website User.


Liked Listings Guide

Your liked listing system allows registered users on your website to create a list of liked listings.

Registered users can click on a small heart shaped icon that displays on all listings thus marking this listing as a favorite or "liked" listing.

All thier "liked" listings can then be viewed as a single list.  

The website owner can see the listings that their registered website Users have "liked".

 This information can be used to suggest similar listings or as a guide to the types of listings that the customer would like to see.


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